New Year's Eve Tour in Kiev for Ankara

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New Year's Eve Tour in Kiev for Ankara

, Departing from Ankara
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New Year's Day, Visa Free, 3 nights 4 days Kiev Tour

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New Year's Eve Tour in Kiev for Ankara From: Ankara Tour Date : Duration : 4 Days


Turkish Airlines – Anadolu Jet flight ticket to Ankara-Kiev-Ankara
 Accommodation for 3 nights including breakfast in the specified hotel category
 Kiev City tour
 Airport - Hotel - Airport transfers
 Turkish Guidance Service
 Professional Liability Insurance
 Local Guidance Services
 Airport Taxes


Overseas Departure Fee Stamp: 50.-TL
Travel Insurance (Up to 65 years): 15.-Eur
Travel insurance (between 66-75 years): 30.-Eur
All kinds of hotel extras and personal expenses
City and hotel taxes
Optional tours
Covid-19 Insurance: 30 Euro (All passengers except Ukrainian citizens and passengers with permanent Ukraine residence must have a health insurance policy that covers Covid-19.)
Istanbul – Ankara – Istanbul Domestic line connection fee is 80eur per person
Izmir – Ankara – Izmir Domestic line connection fee is 80eur per person

Tour Itinerary

New Year's Eve Tour in Kiev

Day 1: Ankara – Kiev
Meeting with you, our esteemed guests, 3 hours before our flight, in front of the Esenboğa Airport International Departures Terminal Turkish Airlines – Anadolu jet counter. After the ticket, baggage and boarding procedures, departure to Kiev at 12:20 with Anadolu Jet - Turkish Airlines scheduled flight TK7868. After the arrival at 13:20, the entrance procedures to the country and then our Kiev city tour with our private vehicle waiting in the area begins. During our city tour; We take a photo break in front of the statue of the founders of Kiev. In the continuation of our tour, after seeing the historical Podil region, we move to Mihailovski Square and visit the Mihayloiski Church and the Knyagine Olga Statue. Then we end our tour by seeing Hagia Sophia Square, Golden Gate, Central Opera and Ballet House. After our city tour, we transfer to our hotel. Overnight at our hotel in Kiev.

Day 2 Kiev
Free time after breakfast. Our guests can join the tour of the Pechersk Lavra Monastery and Micro-Miniature Museum, the World War II Museum and the Motherland statue, which will be organized as an extra. After our tour, our guests can join our Kiev Metro & Shopping Tour & Boat Tour, which will be organized as an extra. Overnight at our hotel in Kiev.

Extra Tour: Pechersk Lavra Monastery and Micro-Miniature Museum, World War II Museum and Motherland statue trip 65 Euro (Per Person)
XI. Founded in the mid-century, the monastery is one of the largest monasteries in the USSR with an area of ​​27 hectares. In this monastery, which has two parts, the upper and lower parts, there are a total of 18 churches, 12 of which are in the form of stone structures above the ground, and 6 of them are in the underground caves. These caves are used as the burial ground of the saints who lived in the monastery and are considered holy. That's why Slavic Orthodox Christians from many parts of the world visit this monastery and reach the level of pilgrims. There is also a unique MICRO MINIATURE MUSEUM inside the monastery. The 2nd World War Museum, on the other hand, was built to commemorate the 2nd World War victory and consists of two open and closed sections. In the open section, warplanes, tanks and rockets used by the Soviet Army in the Afghan War and World War II are exhibited. After the tour, we transfer to our hotel.

Extra Tour: Kiev Metro & Shopping Tour & Dnieper Boat Tour 65 Euro (Per Person)
You will be surprised as you tour the art-filled metro stops of Kiev. We will see the deepest metro stop of this metro, which carries approximately 1.5 million passengers a day, at a depth of 105.5 meters. Then we will have the chance to buy souvenirs on the Famous Andreyevsky Hill. Then, after a boat tour on the Dnieper river, which has a unique beauty that irrigates parts of Russia and Ukraine, we are transferred to our hotel.

3.Day Kiev
Free time after breakfast. Our guests can join the Pripyat - Chernobyl Tour, which will be organized as an extra, in the Trail of the Ghost City. Transfer to our hotel after our tour. Overnight at our hotel in Kiev.

Extra Tour: Following the Ghost Town Pripyat – Chernobyl Tour 170 Euro (Per Person)
We will visit Pripyat city and Chernobyl region all day long after the nuclear explosion, which affected the whole world as a result of the unfortunate accident on April 27, 1986, 180 km outside of Kiev. Today, this region, where the danger has been reduced to a minimum, now hosts thousands of tourists from all over the world as an open-air museum. We enter the Cernobyl Controlled area at the police checkpoint with the information we previously sent and the control of the permits we received. After entering, we will get information about the Second World War, the USSR and the reactors where the accident took place in our route, which we will continue with our local guide in line with the warnings notified to you in the region. After passing through the checkpoint, we start our tour with Zalesya Village. Zalesya, which was a critical region on the border of Belarus and Ukraine during the Second World War, is home to many painful memories. The Village and Cultural Institutes of the Soviet Union are still preserved as abandoned. In Kapachi Village we will capture many details about the village life of the USSR. A new habitat has formed in the abandoned area, which cannot stand against nature. We will feel ourselves again in those days with abandoned and abandoned toys, books and many items in the kindergarten, which is also known as Kindergarten. During our tour, we will have our lunch at the still active community center. When we come to the Chernobyl region, we will see the huge Duga Radars, which are the computing center. This information processing center of the USSR, which was kept very secret and unknown even to the people living there, had a technology in the 80s, in which it could send confidential messages as well as process the information transmitted between countries. This technological center, which was closed and abandoned after the evacuation, has become one of the most interesting areas for tourists today. Besides that, Pr.As some of the forests we will see on the way to ipyat turn red after the explosion, they are called the Red Forests today. Pripyat was one of the most modern cities established during the Soviet times. This city, which was founded in 1970 by the notables of the region, has the River Port, which is bright at night and where the entertainment does not stop, the Lenin Statues, the Polisiya Hotel, the only and largest hotel in the region, the famous Lunapark, the Shopping Center where the surrounding regions can come and buy from imported goods. It hosts. This region, which is so beautiful that it wreaks havoc with its abandoned state, has also become a region far ahead of its time in terms of sports, culture and art, with the large Pripyat Stadium. The architecture of the regions we will visit is not only Soviet influence, but also built with many different styles such as gothic architecture, Byzantine architecture, Jewish architecture. We will also see the Statue of the Saviors of the World, which was built on behalf of the martyrs who made the evacuation process very quickly by making the first response when the explosion occurred. After visiting the Chernobyl Management Center, our radiation rates are measured at the end of the day, and we leave the area at the specified times and return to our hotel in Kiev.
Day 4 Kiev – Ankara
Delivery of rooms after breakfast. Transfer to Kiev airport after free time until the hour determined by our guide. After the ticket, baggage and flight procedures, departure for Ankara at 14:15 with Anadolu Jet - Turkish Airlines scheduled flight TK7869. After a comfortable and comfortable flight, arrival at Ankara Esenboğa Airport at 17:15 and the end of our tour. We bid farewell to you, our esteemed guests, hoping to see you in our next tour.


From Esenboğa Airport with Anadolu Jet
30.12.2021 TK 7868 ESB 12.20 Departure 13.20 Arrival in Kiev
02.01.2022 TK 7869 Kiev 14.15 Departure 17.15 ESB arrival